COVID-19 Updates


We are aware that the spread of COVID-19 virus is still active, therefore we have taken additional precautions to ensure that Swaddlejoy's children, parents and staff are safe. The Health and Safety of the children are of paramount importance at this time, therefore we have made the following changes:

Until the situation is back to normal, we will be having shorter opening hours.
The new hours will be Mondays to Fridays 6:30 AM – 5:30 PM

The Front Lobby Door have a buzzer access system, which means that the front door will remain closed at all times.

As a result, parents will have to be buzzed into the lobby.

Parents entering Lobby must wear a mask. No more than 2 parents in the lobby at any given time. Parents will not be allowed to enter the classrooms.

Children drop off and pick-up will be in the lobby.

Only Virtual Tours will be allowed at this time.

Children 3 years and Older are required to wear a mask.

Children’s temperature will be checked before the child enters the classroom. Temporary must be less than 100 F

Parents should call or send message via app to get the children ready for pick-up so that the child will be ready to go as soon as the parents arrive.

In the Center:
Staff will continue to maintain social distance.
All staff members will be wearing Masks
Small child to staff ratios
We will continue to have frequent Sanitizing, cleaning and hand washing to keep everyone safe.

Stay Safe!


COIVID-19 Travel Advisory Program Based on EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 7BBB

The Governor of Connecticut, Ned Lamont, made an Executive order (Order No. 7BBB) to require individuals who recently travelled to states that have a high number of COVID-19 cases, to self-Quarantine for 14 Days. Parents and staff are being asked to inform the center if they or any member of their household have travelled outside the state and remain at home for at least 14 days. They will not be allowed to enter the facility prior to that time.
Parents and Staff are also required to notify to Center immediately, if they or their child are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 or were in contact with anyone that had the virus.